The Oscar nominee, who died in 2008 aged 75, will return to the screen in Beautiful Blue Eyes

Scheider’s performance in Beautiful Blue Eyes was completed using artificial intelligence, which has been used to recreate the voices of dead actors including Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and James Dean. Scheider died in 2008 at the age of 75. His final film role was in 2005’s Iron Cross, but he will now posthumously appear as a lead character in Beautiful Blue Eyes, which is set for release in 2022. The film’s director, Hervé Cohen, said that the use of AI had been approved by Scheider’s estate. “It was really important for us to have his voice,” Cohen said. “We contacted his estate and they were very open to the idea.” Cohen said that the AI technology used to recreate Scheider’s voice was “getting better and better”. “It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there,” he said. “It’s almost like having him back.”