The training system will be used by AirAsia India to train new pilots and improve safety.

AirAsia India will deploy CAE Rise, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to record, analyze and provide recommendations on pilot training. CAE Rise uses a combination of CAE’s existing data analytics technology and machine learning algorithms to glean insights from recorded simulator training sessions. The system then provides recommendations to instructors on how aircrew can improve their performance. “CAE is committed to continuously improving safety in aviation through the development of innovative technologies like CAE Rise that enable air carriers to enhance their training programs,” said Nick Leontidis, Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions at CAE. “We are excited to be working with AirAsia India on this initiative as they continue to lead in digital transformation.” “AirAsia India has been working with CAE for several years now, and we are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with the introduction of CAE Rise. We are confident that CAE Rise will support our efforts to enhance safety across our operations,” said Captain Smitha Prasad, Head of Flight Training, AirAsia India.