The updates include new forecasting algorithms, a new integration with Google Analytics, and the ability to automatically detect

Sisu Data announced the launch of new capabilities that enable the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to uncover critical insights in data that can help organizations improve their decision-making. The new capabilities include: 1. Advanced Pattern Recognition: Sisu can now automatically identify patterns in data, such as seasonality or trend changes, and surface the most important insights to users. 2. Anomaly Detection: Sisu can now identify unusual data points that could indicate a problem or opportunity. 3. Integration with Tableau: Sisu now integrates with Tableau, making it easier for users to visualize and interact with their data. 4. Enhanced User Experience: Sisu’s user interface has been redesigned to make it even easier to use. 5. Support for R: Sisu now supports the R programming language, making it easier for users to extend the Sisu platform.