Over 3,000 of the F-35 fighter jets have been built so far, and

Is F 35 a failure? The F -35 was born out of the failed Joint Strike Fighter program. It is the most expensive weapons system in history, and has been much maligned for years over design flaws and cost overruns. What is the most dangerous fighter jet? F-22 Raptor How many F 35 has crashed? twenty-six F -35 have crashed The F -35, which will cost American taxpayers more than $1.4 trillion over its lifetime, has crashed 26 times since the start of developmental testing in 2006. Can F 35 dogfight? “The F -35 cannot out dogfight an F -16,” said Justin Johnson, a former Air Force F-35 pilot who is now with the military think tank The Heritage Foundation. The Air Force is clear about what it wants the F -35 to do. Is the F 35 worth the money? Despite being the most expensive weapons system ever made, the F -35 is not a particularly impressive fighter. It has been criticized for being less maneuverable than the F -16, its older cousin. The F -35 isn’t even the best fighter in its class. It’s been outperformed by the Russian Su-35 . What will replace the F 35? The Navy is moving forward with a fighter design study for its so-called “Air Dominance” aircraft to replace the Navy’s aging F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter, the Navy announced April 7. Can the F 35 carry nukes? The AIR-2 Genie nuclear air-to-air missile was designed as a weapon for the F -35 Lightning II multirole fighter during the Cold War. Is F 35 stealth? The F -35 was designed as a multi-role fighter, to perform ground-attack, reconnaissance, and air-superiority missions with stealth capability. The aircraft has three main models; the F -35A is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F -35B is a short take-off and vertical-landing variant, and the F -35C is a carrier-based