US Navy to evaluating China’s drone technology. The US Navy is interested in assessing the technology

Pentagon to test underwater drones in Pacific. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will conduct two preliminary tests in the next two years of an undersea network designed for long-term surveillance… US Navy’s unmanned underwater drones could face legal challenges. The U.S. Navy is set to start testing autonomous underwater drones in the Pacific Ocean off San Diego this month, but the program may eventually face legal challenges to its… Pentagon Wants Drone Swarms to Guard US Ports. The Pentagon is exploring a plan to have drone swarms emerge from underwater and patrol US ports to help protect them from enemy forces, according to a report by Defense One. Pentagon tests new underwater drone swarm technology. The Pentagon is preparing to test a new swarm technology that would see a group of underwater drones working together to provide surveillance, identify targets or better defend… Pentagon: Drones Deployed to Focus on Iran. A senior Pentagon official said Friday that the U.S. military has deployed more drones to the Middle East to keep watch on Iran amid tensions in the region.